The guide body consists of an aluminium square profile with lateral, parallel, form-fit, internal hardened steel rods. The guide carriage, which is driven along the shafts by a nobbed belt, moves on the guide body with internal linear ball bearings that are adjustable free of play. The advantage of this system: The belt is guided within the profile, so that the system is independent of the mounting position. The nobbed belt is self-tracking and has a very low operating noise level thanks to its nobs being offset by 45°. Furthermore, it is almost vibration-free in the transition sections.

As required, max. length 6.000 mm without joints.

By T-slots.

By T-slots or tapped holes in the bearing block, mounting sets.

N10 with steel reinforcement, no backlash when changing direction.
Repeatability: ± 0,1 mm.

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