The new lightness in the bicycle workshop

A 230 volt socket is all you need to experience a new easiness in the bike workshop. The new electric bike lift made by Bahr Modultechnik stands independently and securely on the floor and can be connected to different holding fixtures.
Our contribution to better ergonomics in the workshop follows the trend that bicycles gain more and more importance, especially in urban environments. There is something going on on the cycle paths – and in the workshops as well. Cyclists who want to ride safely and smoothly for as long as possible should regularly give their bike into the hands of an expert – whose workshop is preferably just around the corner, in the middle of the pedestrian zone. On the one hand, a good order situation will result in certain waiting periods, on the other hand it requires fast and ergonomic workflows.
This is the point where Bahr Modultechnik comes in with its new bike lift. The electrically driven mounting stand makes the work in the workshop easier and more ergonomic and, in addition, it makes space available when used in the double configuration. The space saved can ideally be used for a second workstation.

More comfortable repair and service

Take up bikes directly from the floor and lift them to the desired work height.More comfort on the road, better ergonomics in the workshop. Everybody wants to ride a smooth-running bike. With its new bike lift, Bahr Modultechnik has developed a system that provides bike workshops with highly available, robust and accurate industrial technology. This solution makes service and repair work noticeably faster and easier.

Due to its easy wall mounting the classic BikeLift GGT90 is a space-saving solution for every garage, workshop or in confined spaces.
The BikeLift GDGT90 is firmly screwed to a base plate, which gives the assembly stand the necessary stability. In view of the fact that space is often tight, particularly in workshops located near the city centre, we have equipped our bike lift with two drive units as an option, so that two mechanics can work independently of one another.

To each his own tool

And so that everything also fits in the direction of the bicycle, the sledge can be connected to different holding systems thanks to a wide variety of holes. Thanks to our adapter with a diameter of 50 mm, various gripping systems can be attached without difficulty. The bicycle lift adapts itself – regardless of which mounting system individual workshops are using.

Convenience in the workshop

Our BikeLift is a reliable and industry-proven solution for the maintenance, repair and placement of bicycles of any type.
The highly robust, electrically driven lifting system made by Bahr Modultechnik allows for quick lifting and lowering of loads up to 85 kg and is based on an especially safe drive and guide concept compared to other products in the market.

All features at a glance

  • for e-bikes and bicycles
  • loadable up to 85 kg per holder
  • flexible pick-up and holding systems
  • single and double workstations
  • low noise and little maintenance
  • space-saving due to compact design
  • highest reliability & operational safety
  • the drive is protected from water, grease and dust
  • modular assembly base plates, anchoring to the floor or wall
  • soft starts and stops thanks to frequency converter
  • hand or foot switch
  • variable work height, lift height up to 2600  mm
  • ergonomic and back-friendly

Do you have any questions?

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