The guide body consists of an aluminium square profile with an integrated rail guide. The carriage is moved by a revolving interior nobbed belt. The advantage of this system: The belt is guided within the profile, so that the system is independent of the mounting position. The nobbed belt is self-tracking and has a very low operating noise level thanks to its nobs being offset by 45°. Furthermore, it is almost vibration-free in the transition sections. At the front face there is a timing belt deflection unit containing a toothed pulley with two coupling claws in the standard version. On the opposite side there is a bearing piece plate containing a tensioning device for the timing belt.

As required. Max. length 6.000 mm without joints.

By threaded holes.

By T-slots and mounting sets. The linear axis can be combined with any T-slot profile.

N10 with reinforcing steel mesh, no backlash when changing direction.
Repeatability ± 0.1 mm.

In the standard version the carriage is positioned on two runner blocks which can be readjusted and maintained at each central servicing position. Two grease nipples at the carriage enable relubrication of the positioning system.

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