The guide body consists of a rectangular aluminium profile two integrated roller guides. The carriage is moved by a belt drive. The novelty is that the timing belt is diverted into a drive block positioned centrically. This results in an extraordinary compactness with regard to the overall length of the system. The driving toothed pulley is provided with a coupling claw as a standard. The belt tension can be easily readjusted via a tensioning device within the bearing block. The openings in the guide body are closed by an aluminium profile, leaving only small slits open on the sides. The cover profile can be adjusted according to the mounting position.

The advantages compared to the DLZS positioning system are: The number of components prone to wear such as cover bands and sliding blocks is reduced and the fact that there is no friction makes it possible to use smaller motors. In addition, the cover profile, which is fixed with only a few screws, improves the serviceability and maintainability.

As required. Max. length
DLZS 120P / 1600mm, DLZS 160P / 1800mm, DLZS 200P / 2000mm

By tapped holes.

By T-slots and mounting sets. The linear axis can be combined with any T-slot profile.

HTD with steel reinforcement, no backlash when changing direction.
Repeatability ± 0,1 mm.

In the standard version, the carriage runs on 8 rollers which can be adjusted and serviced at a central servicing position. For longer carriages the number of rollers can be increased.

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