We have been implementing comprehensive model improvement measures so that we are able to offer our products in the segment of toothed rack drives in a more cost-effective and application-oriented way. New innovative guiding profiles ELDZA have been developed, which can be used effectively in combination with standardized toothed racks. Depending on the specific task (e. g. load, mounting position, service life or cost) it is possible to use different material combinations. With this series, multi-part assembled units with long strokes can be realized.

This unit consists of an aluminium square profile with integrated, hardened steel guide rods. The carriage, which has internal linear ball bearings that can be adjusted free of play, is driven by a rack and pinion. The pinion is equipped with maintenance-free ball bearings.

As required. Max. length 6.000 mm without joints.

By T-slots or tapped holes in the bearing block, mounting sets.

C45,Steel 1.4305 or plastic (PA 6) possible. Repeatability: ± 0,2 mm.

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