This unit consists of a rectangular aluminium profile with 2 integrated rail guides. The carriage is driven by means of a rotating spindle with leading nut. Where two parallel linear units are used or where two carriages are mounted on one unit, the leading-nut receiver can be used to adjust the symmetry of the carriages. A special curved aluminium sheet is covering the carriage side. There is only a small gap between carriage and aluminium sheet. The cover profile can be adjusted according to the mounting position.

As required, max. length
DST/K120 P / 1600mm, DST/K 160P / 1800mm, DST/K 200P / 2000mm

By tapped holes.

By T-slots.

In the standard version, the carriage runs on 4 runner blocks which can be serviced at a central servicing position. For longer carriages the number of runner blocks can be increased.
Repeatability: Ballscrew ± 0,025 mm, trapezoidal thread ± 0,2 mm.

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