Optimized spindle axis for lift systems, bicycle assembly stands, lifting platforms and other lifting applications. The guide body consists of an aluminium profile with an integrated sliding guide. The plastic slide bushes integrated in the carriage ensure a very low friction resistance on anodized aluminium. The so-called double G profile ensures a very high stability. The carriage is moved by a rotating threaded spindle provided with a follower nut. The opening in the guide body is closed by a cover band. This cover band prevents dust and dirt from getting inside, it also offers a high level of safety and protects against hand injuries.

The products can be used as follows, according to the marking:
a) In Zone 2 (Gas, Category 3G, EPL Gc) in explosion groups IIA and IIB
b) In Zone 1 (Gas, Category 2G, EPL Gb) in explosion groups IIA and IIB
The qualification with regard to the surface temperature is T4; for all gases, vapours and mists with an ignition temperature > 125 °C the product is not an ignition source.

As required. Max. length 1.500 mm

By tapped holes in the carriage.

By T-slots or tapped holes in the bearing block.

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