3D Printer EL 40 | TOWER

3D printing housing for large component parts

This system offers plenty of room for great ideas. The compact 3D printer for large printing objects is especially optimized for industrial 3D printing tasks.

The ideal printer for rapid prototyping, sample and small series production. The kinematic system consists of a ready-to-install X-Y positioning system in H-gantry design with retractable base plate. It is driven by a carbon enforced timing belt. Working space and base plate are heated separately.

The enclosure is made of rigid aluminium profiles, the side walls can be made of either plexiglass or insulation glass. All drive elements and motors can be mounted near the floor to prevent thermal problems in the installation space. The control components can also be accommodated completely within the lower area. From there, the cables can be comfortably led through the aluminium profiles, so that a free and clean working space is maintained. To achieve an even higher efficiency, the EL-40 Tower can be provided with two carriages that are driven synchronously or in opposite directions.