We are successful. With creative people and future-oriented technologies.

We create an innovative portfolio of products and services using our certified processes and state-of-the-art CAD systems. Our positioning systems are produced with application-specific drives, such as linear motor, toothed rack, toothed belt, ballscrew or trapezoidal thread spindle, and with different guide systems with cross-sections of 30 to 200 mm in square or rectangular profiles.

In short: one idea – countless possibilities. We develop intelligent and user-friendly solutions for every application: stainless steel systems, lifting /rotating units, heavy-duty crossheads, centering units.


Courage to go forward. Implementation strength.

Our customers need our products for their developments in mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry, in the energy sector or in the field of medical engineering. We often think in alternatives and develop forward-looking solutions for our customers – year after year. Solutions showing more than 1000 combination possibilities, developed within tasks that motivate us to solve every problem for the benefit of our customers.

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