LLZ 60 Rocket Acceleration

Plotter | LLZ 60 | high-speed

Starting a load of 2.7 kg on 12,5 meters with 12,5-fold earth acceleration the specifications of Bahr Modultechnik’s LLZ 60 linear axis set new standards when it comes to cutting plastic films. The module consists of an aluminium square profile with an integrated roller guide. The carriage is moved by means of a revolving interior timing belt.

The belt of this special “rocket axis” is driven by two servomotors at both ends. The second drive follows the leading drive as a moment support, holding the belt in a constantly tensioned position and thus preventing it from shearing off even at accelerations of 125 m/s² and braking accelerations of -140m/s². A cutting knife, driven by a high-speed drive module, is used to cut a wide film web diagonally during production, so that the amount of waste is reduced significantly. The drive module operated faultlessly on a test stand for more than 38,000 cycles; when inspected afterwards, the components showed only minimal wear. The positioning system is completely preassembled and put into operation by Bahr, so that mechanical engineers can easily integrate it into their applications.