Flexible Lift System

New solution for barrier-free living – GG 90

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Whether the reasons are accident, illness or age: sometimes you may be limited in your mobility sooner than you would ever have expected, and especially in such a situation you will not want to do without your familiar life in your own house.

Our positioning system GG 90 has now been developed further into the special lift system GG 90 with loading ramp, which can help to make life a lot easier for elderly people or people with physical limitations. If required, the lift can be assembled directly on site and flexibly adapted to the local situation. The lift system can also be installed in rented apartments without any problem. When the lift is no longer needed, it can be dismounted as quickly as it is mounted, due to its sophisticated design.

The desired comfort is ensured by the control unit, which enables soft starts and stops of the lift and thus also protects the mechanical parts from damages.


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