Integrated carriage brake

QS and DS with integrated carriage brake.

To secure the linear motions in vertical or inclined applications we optionally integrate brakes into the carriages of our drive units. These brakes work absolutely reliably – independent of the motor brake – and prevent any undesired downward motion of the vertical axes in all operating modes.

Thus, the axes are always in a safe condition, i. e. during mounting, dismantling, maintenance and repair work as well as in case of motor brake failures or mechanical failures of the drive components such as a rupture of the timing belt. The brakes are directly integrated into the carriages and consist of two spring steel membranes forming a chamber. This chamber is pressurized in order to loosen the brake. This leads to an elastic deformation of the spring steel sheets which are shortened in horizontal direction – they lift the brake shoes from the rail and thus release the carriage. When the chamber is deaerated, the steel sheets spring back into their normal position, thereby widening the upper part of the clamping body and pressing the brake shoes towards the rail. In case of an overload condition, the carriage will lower only slowly due to braking friction and will thus prevent a sudden fall of the load. It is also possible to cascade several brake units on the carriage to achieve greater braking forces. The carriage is delivered completely assembled with runner block, wiper end plates and brake.