Stainless Steel Cutter


Luhden – On the basis of our stainless steel modules we have developed the drive unit for an automatic cake cutter. The XYZ gantry system consists of one module for the x-axis, two modules for the y-axis and one module for the z-axis. The guide profiles made of aluminium are coated with stainless steel sheet by means of a special patented process.

Due to the stainless steel coating, the positioning systems meet the highest hygiene standards because even the interiors of the profiles can be easily cleaned. Two profile rail guides are integrated into the x-axis profile of the type DSZPVIE 160; the runner block is positioned on four carriages running on these rails and driven by a timing belt. The positioning system LLZE 60 for the y-axis consists of an aluminium square profile with integrated roller guides. The carriage, which is mounted on rollers, is moved by means of a revolving interior timing belt. The belt tension can be easily readjusted by special screws at one end of the guide profile. At the other end of the positioning system there is a coupling claw to which the motor is adapted.

The square lifting system RHT 60V is used for the z-unit. The piston rod of the enclosed lifting cylinder is moved by means of the threaded spindle, which is positioned in the cylinder parallel to the piston, through the follower nut. Thanks to the hardened and ground solid material, the lifting cylinders are designed for long lifetimes. The whole positioning system is completely preassembled and tested, so that mechanical engineers can easily integrate it into their applications.