Customized Positioning Systems for Every Application

Since its foundation 25 years ago, Bahr has specialised in the development and design of linear positioning technology with spindle drives, rack-and-pinion drives or belt drives, which are used to configure individual positioning solutions according to the module principle – ranging from simple feed axes to 5-axis Cartesian robots.

Our latest highlights include the expansion of our inhouse developed tripod system by a rotating module at the gripper base plate, which is driven by a telescopic shaft and enables rotational movements of the grippers or tools. Bore holes in the rotating module allow for easy mounting to the customer-specific application. This especially economical tripod system, which can be driven by controls and motors of various manufacturers, uses standard linear axes for the parallel kinematics. The tripod has been sucessfully tested with systems from Siemens, Yaskawa, SEW, Lenze, Mitsubishi and Kinco.

Another innovation relates to the piston rod lifting axes of the EH series, which are now also available in size 60. Due to their maximum precision even with very high dynamic and static axial forces, the lifting axes are ideally suitable for dosing and controlling applications. Corrosion-resistant components, stainless screws and piston rods of the appropriate steel grade ensure uninterrupted functionality in applications with highly corrosive media or under extreme climatic conditions.

According to the requirements, Bahr Modultechnik manufactures positioning axes in any length up to 60 meters from more than 200 different, patented aluminium profiles. All systems can be combined with electrical drives of all usual makes and can be integrated into existing control networks without any problem. Where necessary, Bahr can realise comprehensive modifications, expansions and adaptations to its products thanks to its great manufacturing depth. Thus, the manufacturer is able to deliver custom-fit solutions even for niche applications within the shortest periods. Bahr places great importance on giving individual advice to offer the optimum solution to its customers, most of whom are working in the field of special machine construction.