3D Printer CLLK 60

Tripod kinematics for 3D printing

Economical system build-up with large installation space

BAHR Modultechnik is introducing a newly developed system build-up for the 3D printing of large objects using the fused filament fabrication/fused deposition modeling (FDM/FFF) technology. Thanks to the optimized modular design principle, the CLLK 60 tripod system proves to be an extraordinarily economical solution when compared to other products in the market. The minimized component requirements help to adapt the device properties and dimensions individually to customer-specific printing tasks.

3D printing bed diameters of up to 900 mm and a maximum printing height of 1,200 mm can thus be realized. The basic structure consists of newly developed profile axes of the LL 60 series, with elegantly rounded external edges. Highly precise ball screw spindles with corresponding ball screw nuts and an efficiency of more than 90 % enable an exact positioning without interplay. To achieve the correct orientation of the printing head, clevis arms made of light-weight, highly robust aluminium are mounted on the ball nuts. The spindle nuts move along the profile axes through a roller guide carriage system to ensure a smooth, synchronous run. Additional grooves integrated in the new profile facilitate the optional fixation of various side frame covers made of glass, plexiglass, aluminium or composite materials.

The sandwich design of the laser-cut steel plates for printing bed, control unit and cover make it easy to mount the whole system and orientate it at the profile axes. BAHR offers the purely mechanical system as a standard unit or in customized variants, which are available from today with short delivery periods of approx. two weeks. On request, the CLLK 60 tripod system can also be equipped with a corresponding control and drive unit.